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Coaches Corner

Our coaches who are experienced, positive, accessible, dedicated, engaged and committed to the program, players, families and Lacrosse.

Coach Wayne Davis (Jarrettsville Boys Lacrosse Co-director) - Head Lightning Coach

Coaching philosophy: Teach basic to advanced fundamentals, provide a positive atmosphere for players and parents. Teaching sportsmanship and teamwork. Having the kids know that their teammates will always support them on and off the field. Bottomline, have fun and want to come to practice and return every year.

  • Played High School Football, basketball, and lacrosse outside of Syracuse, NY.
  • Played varsity football and club lacrosse at Frostburg State University.
  • Harford County resident since 1995.
  • Coached Jarrettsville Rec basketball for two years.
  • Fourth year coaching Jarrettsville Boys lacrosse.

Coach John Gabriszeski (Head Juniors Coach)

Coaching philosophy: Lacrosse should be fun. With that in mind, we have a responsibility to teach the fundamentals of lacrosse to our players in order to progress while setting them on track to play at higher levels. I consistently challenge the kids to learn advanced skills in order to prepare them for High School and beyond.

  • Played for North Harford High School, Hawks Lacrosse (4 years)
  • Stripers Lacrosse
  • Harford County Local
  • Coach for Jarrettsville Rec Lacrosse (11 years)
  • Took Jarrettsville Rec Lacrosse teams to the LAX playoffs 4 times
  • Progressed in playoffs to semi-finals twice
  • Coached a Jarrettsville Hawks, undefeated LAX championship team
  • Currently play Morrisville Master LAX
  • Assistant 2025/26 Coach Ground Control Lacrosse Club

Coach Russ Smith (Head Tyker Coach)

  • Played for North Harford High School, Hawks Lacrosse (4 years)
  • Goalie of the 1995 North Harford High State Championship Team
  • Has 12 years of LAX experience as a player beginning at Jarrettsville Rec
  • Coached the Jarrettsville Hawks Tykers to the 2010 championship in the Overlea Lacrosse Classic
  • Coached the Jarrettsville Hawks Tykers to the 2017 MYLA championship game

Coach Todd Grubb (Juniors Head Coach)

  • 37 Years of Lacrosse experience
  • All South Hall of Fame Camp/Southern Exposure Coach 2001-2008 (Grenville, SC)
  • Aberdeen Summer League Coach 2001
  • North Harford High Varsity Assistant Coach 2008-2015
  • Harford Lacrosse Camp coach 2001-2014
  • Aberdeen High JV Head Coach 2001-2002
  • Club team Frostburg 1996
  • North Harford High School 1992-1995
  • Jarrettsville rec 1981-1991 - MYLA Tournament Finalist 1991

Coach Brian Outten (Tyker Head Coach)

  • Assistant and Head Coach ESP Vipers Rec - Tyker and Midget 2007-2011
  • Club Director of Ground Control Lacrosse Club 2012-Present
  • Head Coach Bel Air Rec Tyker 2017-2018

Coach Mike Needer (Tyker Assistant Coach)

  • Assistant coach ESP Vipers 2002-2006
  • Head Coach ESP Vipers 2006-2008
  • Lead his 2006 9-10 division to an undefeated season.
  • Lax Max Tournament winning team 2006 and 2007

Coach Derrick Frank (Tyker Assistant Coach)

  • Head Coach U9 Aberdeen Rec 2018
  • Head Coach U9 Strikeforce Lacrosse Club 2018
  • Head Coach 2027/28 Team Ground Control Lacrosse Club 2018-2019
  • Well respected police officer