Coaches Corner

Our coaches who are experienced, positive, accessible, dedicated, engaged and committed to the program, players, families and Lacrosse.

Coach Wayne Davis (Jarrettsville Boys Lacrosse Co-director) – Head Lightning Coach

Coaching philosophy:  Teach basic to advanced fundamentals, provide a positive atmosphere for players and parents.  Teaching sportsmanship and teamwork.  Having the kids know that their teammates will always support them on and off the field.  Bottom-line, have fun and want to come to practice and return every year.

  • Played High School Football, basketball, and lacrosse outside of Syracuse, NY.
  • Played varsity football and club lacrosse at Frostburg State University.
  • Harford County resident since 1995.
  • Coached Jarrettsville Rec basketball for two years.
  • Fourth year coaching Jarrettsville Boys lacrosse.

Coach John Gabriszeski   (Head Juniors Coach)

Coaching philosophy:  Lacrosse should be fun.  With that in mind, we have a responsibility to teach the fundamentals of lacrosse to our players in order to progress while setting them on track to play at higher levels.  I consistently challenge the kids to learn advanced skills in order to prepare them for High School and beyond.

  • Played for North Harford High School, Hawks Lacrosse (4 years)
  • Stripers Lacrosse
  • Harford County Local
  • Coach for Jarrettsville Rec Lacrosse (11 years)
  • Took Jarrettsville Rec Lacrosse teams to the LAX playoffs 4 times
  • Progressed in playoffs to semi-finals twice
  • Coached a Jarrettsville Hawks, undefeated LAX championship team
  • Currently play Morrisville Master LAX
  • Assistant 2025/26 Coach Ground Control Lacrosse Club

Coach Russ Smith (Head Tyker Coach)

  • Played for North Harford High School, Hawks Lacrosse (4 years)
  • Goalie of the 1995 North Harford High State Championship Team
  • Has 12 years of LAX experience as a player beginning at Jarrettsville Rec
  • Coached the Jarrettsville Hawks Tykers to the 2010 championship in the Overlea Lacrosse Classic
  • Coached the Jarrettsville Hawks Tykers to the 2017 MYLA championship game

Coach Todd Grubb (Juniors Head Coach)

  • 37 Years of Lacrosse experience
  • All South Hall of Fame Camp/Southern Exposure Coach 2001-2008 (Grenville, SC)
  • Aberdeen Summer League Coach 2001
  • North Harford High Varsity Assistant Coach  2008-2015
  • Harford Lacrosse Camp coach 2001-2014
  • Aberdeen High JV Head Coach 2001-2002
  • Club team Frostburg 1996
  • North Harford High School 1992-1995
  • Jarrettsville rec 1981-1991 – MYLA Tournament Finalist 1991

Coach Mike Needer (Tyker Assistant Coach)

  • Assistant coach ESP Vipers 2002-2006
  • Head Coach ESP Vipers 2006-2008
  • Lead his 2006 9-10 division to an undefeated season.
  • Lax Max Tournament winning team 2006 and 2007

Coach Derrick Frank (Tyker Assistant Coach)

  • Head Coach U9 Aberdeen Rec 2018
  • Head Coach U9 Strikeforce Lacrosse Club 2018
  • Head Coach 2027/28 Team Ground Control Lacrosse Club 2018-2019
  • Well respected police officer